• Architectural 2D:

    These are your site, construction and building plans. Residential or Commercial. If you are building an office, factory, or a new home, purchasing or selling your current property, you’ll need these. Used by architects, landscapers, interior designers and developers.

    Architectural 3D:

    Three-dimensional view of the selected building. These are fantastic if you are building a new home, and want to envision what it would be like… otherwise, this can be used in a factory, to maximize space and make the layout the most efficient. Renderings available.


    Civil engineering drawings. These are structures like bridges, highways, buildings, pipelines and water & sewage systems. Topographical and relief maps.

    Landscape Drawings 3D:

    How about a stroll through your envisioned garden? We use the newest software to create your garden in 3D! Then you can really get the feel of it, and see first hand is it is really what you want?

    Mechanical Drawings:

    Mechanical drawings, engineering drawings. 2D and 3D. Usually a item is drafted, and a 3D model is placed on the layout just to give the fabricators an idea what the item will look like. This is actually our specialty.

    Landscape Drawings 2D:

    Layout, design and proper placement. We also will “beautify” your plans, to impress your clients, or to convince your husband that you really need a new garden! Plants are also drawn to scale and are all the right sizes.


    Electrical diagrams, circuits, wiring diagrams, etc (Either 2D or 3D)

    HVAC Drawings:

    HVAC Drafting and Drawings, HVAC coordination

    Structural Drawings:

    2D and 3D. Layouts, structural drawings and services.


    Here at the Drafting Collective, we take privacy and confidentiality extremely seriously. We had our expert attorneys draw up all our NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and Confidentiality agreements. Our security is water tight, and “mum’s the word”. This is to ensure your peace of mind and to prove that we are as trustworthy as honest.

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    We are available on our cellphones and primarily nocturnal, so if you have a emergency or a drawing that just cannot wait, just give one of us a call. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    We guarantee our work!

    We are so certain that you will be not just satisfied, but jubilant, with our results, that we even guarantee our work.